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Vikkstar123 Net Worth: Girlfriend, YouTube Income, Personal Life…

Vikram Singh Barn, famously know as Vikkstar123 is a British internet personality and businessman who is famous of his Call of Duty, Minecraft and other gameplays. He started uploading on YouTube back in 2010 when the platform was in its infancy.

As of today, Singh is considered as the biggest internet personality in England who has also worked with KSI. Well, now that we know something about the gamer, let’s also learn about Vikkstar123 Net Worth, Girlfriend, Personal Life, and more…

Early Life

Vikram Singh Barn was born on 2nd August, 1995 in Surrey, England. Not much is known about his parents, but some reports claim that both of them are from different background.

Talking about siblings, Vikram has two older brother who have never appeared in any of his videos. There has been many rumors about who Vikkstar’s older brothers are, but till date nothing has been proven. Vikram has also hinted that his brother are not an internet personality like he is…

After living for the first eight years of his life, Vikkstar shifted to Sheffield and attended Silverdale School. He might be pretty good at studies because he was offered for higher education at the University College London…And as you already know what could have happened, Singh declined the offer to pursue internet career full-time.

Professional Life

There’s a pattern of insanely famous internet personalities. You know what it is? They started early…way early I mean. Vikram created his YouTube back in 2010. It was the time when the platform was new and not many people knew about it!

He started playing games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and his popularity eventually began to rise. He took this rise in popularity seriously and started releasing more videos.

Soon after taking his internet career a little more seriously, Vikkstar123 joined the Sideman group which consists of one of the most famous British YouTubers…Fast-forward to today, he is also a member of the Dream SMP server.

After playing COD for a decade, he announced to his fans that he was switching to Minecraft since it was almost impossible to play with all the hackers.

But, as of now, he not only plays Minecraft, but also COD, and other famous fps games.

Vikkstar123 Net Worth

Vikkstar123 Net Worth is $10-13 Million.

Don’t get shocked by his net worth. Vikram has more sources of income that you can imagine! Of course he is a YouTuber and he earns money from there, but there’s a limit to how much money you can earn from ads…

On top of that it’s YouTube…Anything can go wrong too quick. Hence, Vikkstar123 has invested money in London Royal Ravens, a British Call of Duty League.

His fans also speculate that the internet personality may also have other regular sources of income other than just YouTube…

Girlfriend & Personal Life

Vikram is dating Ellie Harlow for quite some time now. In fact the couple also announced their engagement back in 2021.

Unlike many other internet personalities who changed their country and come to U.S. Vikkstar123 has decided to stay in the U.K. and build his career there…

Other than knowing his girlfriend, Vikram doesn’t reveal much about his life. Most of his videos are about playing games and rambling with his friends…


How Much Is Vikkstar123 Net Worth Today?

Vikkstar123 has total Net worth of $10-13 Million.

How Much Does Vikkstar Make?

Vikkstar123 makes $2-3 Million every year from YouTube ads, sponsorships, affiliates and more. He might also have other unknown businesses.

Who Is Vikkstar123 Dating?

Vikkstar123 is dating Ellie Harlow. They are engaged as of today.

What Is Vikkstar123 Zodiac Sign?

Vikkstar123 zodiac sign is Leo.

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