VideoGameDunkey Net Worth

VideoGameDunkey Net Worth: Wife, Businesses, Personal Life…

Do you know who is Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow? Okay, how about VideoGameDunkey? Jason is a well-known content creator famous for his gameplay and reviews of games. The man also player League of Legends but was banned for reasons you’ll learn below…

Well, enough talk, let’s now learn about VideoGameDunkey Net Worth, Wife, Businesses, Controversies and more…

Early Life & Professional Career

Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow was born on 30th January, 1991 in Wisconsin, U.S. Almost nothing is known about his parents and whether he has any sibling… In fact, he didn’t even reveal his face in his videos earlier.

Jason has never talked about his early education but he has always been interested in animation, game and editing videos. Hence, he started uploading videos quite early in his life.

I’m talking about the time when YouTube didn’t even exist. Jason uploaded his first videos in 2003 in the Newgrounds website. But he eventually shifted to YouTube in 2010. From the very beginning of his YouTube journey Jason has been uploading videos on games, mostly gameplay and reviews.

After working hard for five years, his channel VideoGameDunkey hit 1 Million subscribers for the first time.

After which he never looked back! He also started uploading on Twitch… He streamed League of Legends but was banned after his extremely toxic behavior. He later signed a deal with Xbox Live but was immediately dropped after his rash and harshly critical behavior…

After facing multiple setbacks, Jason and his wife Leah launched a game publishing company Bigmode. Though the company was criticized for some reason, many Indie game developers have seem the decision with a positive eye. Bigmode released its first game Animal Well in 2023…

If things continue to be good, then there’s nothing that can stop the couple from earning millions.

VideoGameDunkey Net Worth

VideoGameDunkey net worth is $5-10 Million.

The briefly mention again, Jason started making videos back in 2003 when YouTube didn’t even exist. So, in these two decades of uploading videos and working with different companies, VideoGameDunkey has earned sizable fortune….

On top of all that he and his wife also started a game publishing company in 2022 which, if successful, might make them multimillionaire…

Personal Life

After being in relationship with Leah Gastrow for many years, Jason married her in 2019. They are still together, but we don’t know whether the couple are parents yet.

Also for some reason Leah has pretty much retired from her internet career. It’s been more than a year since she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel. She has also abandoned her Twitch account way before YouTube…

The problematic part is that she does not let her followers know about her life, so we don’t know whether she’ll ever return…

In Conclusion

Real NameJason Yevgeniy Gastrow
Birth Date30th January, 1991
BirthplaceWisconsin, U.S.
Relationship StatusMarried (2019)
Wife NameLeah Gastrow
Net Worth$5-10 Million
Yearly Income$1-2 Million
Income SourceYouTube ads, Twitch subscriptions, Merch sales…
Zodiac SignAquarius
Family InfoUNKNOWN

Image Source: Twitter

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