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Tom Morello Net Worth: Singing Career, Yearly Income, Social Media & More…

Tom Morello is an American Singer-songwriter and Guitarist who is best known for his unique Guitar styles. He is mostly known for the band Rage Against the Machine. But, how much is Tom Morello’s Net Worth?

Hence, today I’ll discuss everything about Tom. Be it Personal Life, Upcoming Projects, Latest Net Worth and more…

Early Life & Childhood

Morello was born on 30th May, 1964 in Illinois. He comes from a very known family, especially his Dad. Morello’s mom was an English teacher who not only taught English in US, but also travelled across the world to teach English. This include Japan, Kenya, Germany, and many other.

His Dad, Ngethe Njoroge was Kenya’s first ambassador to the UN (United Nations). That’s a pretty great contribution to the society!

Unfortunately, his parents split when he was on sixteen months old and he was later raised by his Mom.

Talking about education, he attended Libertyville High School, the same school where his Mom was U.S. History teacher. His interest for singing and other artistic activities came pretty early when he began singing for school choir. He was also pretty active in drama and speech clubs.

He was not just good at artistic pursuits, but also studies. He graduated high school in 1982 and went to enroll in Harvard University. he took Political Science and after four years graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies.

He moved to Los Angeles only to face the harsh reality. In an interview he revealed that he was literally starving and had to do whatever he could to earn something. Before entering the world of singing, he tried politics and really hated it!

Singing & Guitarist Career

As you probably read above, Morello was interested in singing and playing musical instruments from an early age. He joined his first band at the age of only 13. He also became the lead singer of the band. Later the same, year he also purchased his first Guitar…

He entered the Record Business and founded the band in 1980s. The band debuted with their first album, Something Bitchin’ This Way Comes in 1989. But he disbanded the Band in 1990 to create his next band, which became his signature Band.

Tom Morello
Tom Morello

Rage Against the Machine. He created the Band in 1991. And the band is still going on even with so many hurdles. After the band was created in 1991 it got disbanded only after nine years, in 2000. Again the Band was formed in 2007 only to get disbanded again in 2011.

Finally the band formed again in 2019 and is still going on after three years…

Fast-forward to today ,Tom is also exploring solo opportunities and has released a number of albums between 2018 and 2021. His latest album was released in 2021 named The Atlas Underground Flood.

And to end this section, Tom has also appeared in some movies as side-character. And surprisingly some are really famous movies like Iron Man, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Voyager.

Pretty talented isn’t he?

Tom Morello’s Personal Life

Tom is not very vocal about his Personal Life. In fact we have almost no information about his Wife and kids. But at least we know that his Wife’s name is Denise and the couple have two sons.

Though he always stays away from controversy, question always rise about his support for various communist parties.

Tom is quite famous, of course, and has a following of 1.5+ Million on Instagram. He is also quite active on Twitter, but most of the tweets are either retweets or talk about political views.

Tom Morello Net Worth

Tom Morello Net Worth is $30-35 Million.

Now, here’s a good news… Tom is still making albums and also releasing solo songs. Hence, I won’t be surprised if his total Net Worth just keeps on increasing by days and years

Conclusion & FAQ

How Much Is Tom Morello Net Worth?

Tom Morello Net Worth is $03-35 Million.

Who Is Tom Morello Wife?

Tom Morello is married to Denise and the couple have children.

What Is Tom Morello Zodiac Sign?

Tom Morello Zodiac Sign is Gemini.

So, in conclusion, Tom Morello worked hard to achieve what he has today. Who says that studying at Harvard will give you all job security? Tom chased his inner calling and succeeded in what he loved.

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