Stephen Sharer Net Worth

Stephen Sharer Net Worth: Girlfriend, Immense Fortune, Personal Life…

Stephen Sharer is one YouTuber you’ll love to watch if you’re into pranks, vlogs and stunts. In fact he is also one of the fastest YouTube channels to reach the million subscribers mark and beyond that…

Well let’s not spend more time in intros and dive deep into Stephen Sharer Net Worth, Girlfriend, Personal Life, and more…

Early Life & Internet Fame

Stephen was born on 1st March, 1998 in Pennsylvania, U.S. Nothing is known about his parents, but speculations and unverified reports say that both of them are professionals at their work and are opulent.

The funny thing is that Stephen has two other siblings Carter and Grace and both of them are content creators with more than million subscribers. This is becoming so common tough!

In an interview Stephen talked about how he was interested in creating video content since his childhood and subconsciously he knew what he would do in the future.

Seeing how early he created his YouTube channel is the biggest proof…He was only 8 years old when he created his YouTube channel, but it was after some more time when he started uploading videos seriously…

He chose not to attend college as his internet career was at full force. He simply didn’t want to miss the opportunity. He wasn’t that popular in the beginning, but after 2017 when he started uploading regularly with his brother Carter, his channel exploded in popularity.

As of writing Stephen’s official YouTube channel has 10+ Million followers and 5+ Billion views, which is honestly insane.

Stephen Sharer Net Worth

Stephen Sharer net worth is $15-20 Million.

What can we expect when someone has several sources of income. Sharer not only earn money from YouTube, but also from sponsorships, merch sales and to top it all off he also has a game…

I wonder how great his future can be if he continues to produce quality content…

Girlfriend & Life

As of writing this Stephen is in relationship with Elizabeth Chang, more famously known as Lizzy Capri. She appears in Sharer’s videos and also in his Instagram posts.

While the speculations are all over the place about their relationship because some also claim that they have split, but his Instagram posts say a different story.

In Conclusion

Birth Date1st March, 1998
BirthplacePennsylvania, U.S.
Relationship StatusCommitted
Girlfriend NameLizzy Capri (Elizabeth Chang)
Net Worth$15-20 Million
Yearly Income$3-5 Million
Income SourceAds, Sponsorships, Merch Sales, Businesses
Zodiac SignPisces
Family InfoBrother: Carter
Sister: Grace

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