Queen Naija Net Worth

Queen Naija Net Worth: Partner, Children, Fortune…

Queen Naija is an American internet personality and a singer who initially became famous as a vlogger, but later she eventually shifted to making songs…As of now she is more famous as a singer than a vlogger.

Well, now that we know a little about her, let’s also learn Queen Naija Net Worth, Boyfriend, Children and more…

Early Life

Naija was born on 17th October, 1995 in Michigan, U.S. Not much is known about her parents, but she was the only who gave her the name…In short, “Queen” was her grandma’s name and Naija is her dad’s name.

Since her childhood Queen has been interested in singing. She eventually learned about this as she grew up… But she didn’t have the necessary source and money to make herself famous quick. So she decided to start a YouTube channel.

Professional Life & Sucess

As soon as she turned adult enough, she decided to test her efforts as a professional singer. After trying twice and failing each time, Queen finally got a chance in American Idol. She was going good in the beginning but eventually had to leave the show after she was cut from the group.

Though she didn’t get chance to sing with the big leagues, it gave her the needed confidence to become a professional singer. Took finally took the decision to start her own YouTube account. Unfortunately, we cannot see her early videos but it’s sure that she has become immensely successful.

Moving forward, after working hard for few years, Naija officially released her first single “Medicine.” The song became an immense hit and is still the most popular song on her YouTube channel.

The year between 2017 and 2019 was the beginning of her musician career. The best was about to come after 2019 when she released the album Misunderstood. She was already quite famous for Medicine, but Misunderstood made her even more than she even expected…

She has not started to collaborate with other famous singers like Big Sean.

Queen Naija Net Worth

Queen Naija net worth is $5-10 Million.

Queen made majority of her fortune from her musical career. But as you already read success didn’t come easily. It took almost a decade to make a name for herself.

I won’t be surprised if her total net worth just keep on increasing with time…

Personal Life & Partner

Naija is in relationship with Clarence White for quite some time now. In fact the couple are also blessed with two children. They are still babies as of now, but I’m almost sure that they’ll also appear in their future posts…


How Much Is Queen Naija Net Worth?

Queen Naija has total net worth of $5-10 Million.

How Much Does Queen Naija Make?

Queen Naija earns $500K-$1 Million every year from various sources.

Who Is Queen Naija Boyfriend?

Queen Naija boyfriend is Clarence White. The couple have been together for quite some time now. They also have two children.

What Is Queen Naija Zodiac Sign?

Queen Naija zodiac sign is

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