Pyrocynical Net Worth

Pyrocynical Net Worth: Girlfriend, Controversy, Furry…

Niall Murphy, also known as Pyrocynical is a content creator who is well-known for funny videos on games and real-life situations. No, he is not a gamer, but you can safely say that he is a comedian…

Hence, in this post we’ll learn about Pyrocynical Net Worth, Girlfriend, Twitch Controversy, and more…

Early Life & Internet Fame

Niall Murphy was born on 14th May, 1997 in England. Absolutely nothing is known about his parents and whether he has any sibling. As of writing this he resides in Stafford with his girlfriend.

He completed his initial education from a local school and later decided to make YouTube as his career.

Murphy made his YouTube channel in 2013 and uploaded his first video on 31st March, 2014. At the time of uploading his first video he was 14 years old. From the very beginning all his videos are comedy which will keep you entertained…

In his earlier days he never used to reveal his face, but eventually after gaining more attention and subscribers he decided to reveal his face…

A controversy happened in 2022 when Twitch banned him for not accepting certain terms…After which he abandoned his Twitch account and permanently switched on YouTube.

To sum it all up, Pyrocynical has tasted success at an early age, and continues to do so with his rare but insane funny videos…

Pyrocynical Net Worth

Pyrocynical net worth is $1-2 Million.

Niall earned most of his fortune from YouTube videos. Of course all his videos are funny, but he uploads very little nowadays. Other than earning from YouTube ads, his highest source of income is from merch sales. Popularity has made him a millionaire.

Girlfriend & Personal Life

Niall does have a girlfriend and also have shared photos with her, but her name is not known. She is a well-known by username @secretcorgii, and she makes digital art of furry p**n. I hope you get it!

In Conclusion

Real NameNiall Murphy
Birth Date14th May, 1997
Relationship StatusCommitted
Girlfriend NameReal Name Unknown. Known by username @secretcorgii
Net Worth$1-2 Million
Yearly Income$250K-$500K
Income SourceYouTube ads, Merch sales, Sponsorships
Zodiac SignTaurus
Family InfoUNKNOWN

Image Source: Instagram

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