Meredith Carriker Net Worth

Meredith Carriker Net Worth: Husband, Children, Business..

Today I’m going to talk about an internet personality who, despite having 300+K followers on Instagram doesn’t have a verified account. Why? Because she is businesswoman and not a content creator like her husband Matt Carriker.

All talk aside, let’s talk about Meredith Carriker Net Worth, Business, Husband and more…

Life Before Fame

Meredith was born on 6th June, 1986 in Arkansas, U.S. Nothing is known about her parents, and we also don’t know whether she has any sibling.

She completed her initial education from a local school. After that she earned a degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M University.

Guess what? After years of working at different places, she finally decided to launch her own clothing brand. Being a business owner gave exposed her to various possibilities…

Professional Success

Meredith is mostly known for her husband Matt Carriker who is a famous YouTuber and a also a business owner. Both his channels have 5+ Million subscribers.

Anyway, let’s only talk about Meredith and not her husband…Very little is known about her professional life before starting her own business, but some of her followers claim that she worked in various business before finally taking the step to become a businesswoman.

But, unlike Matt she never created her own YouTube channel. Even on Instagram she seldom promotes her products and most of her posts are about her children and husband.

Meredith Carriker Net Worth

Meredith Carriker net worth is $2-4 Million.

I may be underestimating her net worth, but this is the closest calculation I could come through. Unlike her husband, Meredith is not a YouTuber. Heck, even her Instagram not verified. But, she earns most of her income from clothing brand.

Other than I don’t think she has any source of income…

Personal Life & Income Source

Meredith live a simple life away from too much fame. She is a mother of four and also a business owner of a clothing brand named LincActive.

Her husband’s name is Matt Carriker who has two immensely successful YouTube channels DemolitionRanch and OffTheRanch.

In simple words, both the couple are not only happily spending their lives together, but also have good finances…Their kids are also cute and appeared in Meredith’s Instagram posts.


How Much Is Meredith Carriker Net Worth?

Meredith Carriker has total net worth of $2-4 Million.

How Much Does Meredith Carriker Make?

Meredith Carriker makes $250K-$750K every year from sponsorships and business ventures.

What Is Meredith Carriker Zodiac Sign?

Meredith Carriker zodiac sign is Gemini.

Who Is Meredith Carriker Husband?

Meredith Carriker is married to Matt Carriker. The couple are blessed with three children.

Image Source: Instagram

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