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Mark Wiens Net Worth: Wife, Businesses, Personal Life…

Whether you like cooking or not I’m sure you’ll love to watch cooking videos. Damn I get hungry by watching those, especially when the food looks yummy. Mark Wiens is arguably the most famous cook on YouTube with years of experience.

Hence, in this post we’ll learn about Mark Wiens Net Worth, Wife, Income Source and more…

Early Life & Internet Fame

Mark Wiens was born on 26th February, 1986 in Phoenix, U.S. Absolutely nothing is known about who is parents are/were, but they are/were of Thai and Chinese origin. He is probably the only kid of his parents.

Talking briefly about education, after graduating from high school Wien went on to attend Arizona State University were he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies in 2008. He got a job as a teacher but soon left it to pursue his dream of cooking…

Like many YouTubers, Mark also had a humble beginning. he loved cooking food and wanted to learn about it more. So, he started a website in 2009, a food blog focused on sharing food recipes, etc.

Soo, after few years of maintaining the website, Wiens started posting on his YouTube channel and also wrote a book Eating Thai Food Guide. Thanks to his knowledge and interest in learning foods of different culture he became famous.

As of writing the food vlogger is nearing 10 Million subscribers which is not a simple feat for a cooking channel. Most of his videos receive 1+ million views and the viewers love the way he present food.

Mark was pretty much successful in everything related to food. His food website was a success, his YouTube is obviously an immense success, and finally in 2019 he and some of his friends launched a restaurant in Bangkok.

2022 was probably the best year of Mark’s career as a food vlogger because he was announced as the host of HBO Asia series Food Affair with Mark Weins. Being on HBO is an immense success!

On top of all this, the YouTube stays humble and thankful for all this success in life.

Mark Wiens Net Worth

Mark Wiens net worth is $5-10 Million.

As you might have already guessed it, Mark earned most of his fortune from his businesses and YouTube. Of course he uses YouTube to promote himself as a brand which indirectly helps him in his businesses.

Personal Life

Fortunately, we at least know who is Mark’s wife. The food vlogger is married to Ying whom he met in Thailand while he was teacher. The couple married after spending some time together.

Ying also gave birth to their son in 2016. Mark’s family usually do not appear in most of his videos.

In Conclusion

Birth Date26th February, 1986
BirthplacePhoenix, Arizona
Relationship StatusMarried
Wife NameYing
Net Worth$5-10 Million
Yearly Income$1-2 Million
Income SourceYouTube Ads, Sponsorships, Merch Sales, Donations, Businesses
Zodiac SignPisces
Family InfoUNKNOWN

Image Source: Instagram

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