Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth: Tik Tok Income, Private Life, Boyfriend

Hey! today we’ll discuss Kimberly Loaiza’s Net Worth. But, before that let’s learn who is Kimberly actually:

Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican YouTuber and internet celebrity who became gathered fame for her songs and vlog. As of writing this, her TikTok account has one of the highest following worldwide.

With this, let’s learn about her Real Worth, Yearly Income, Boyfriend and more…

Kimberly’s Early Life

Kimberly was born on 12th December 1997 in Mexicali, Mexico. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about her parents as she has never talked about them. Yeah, but she has two siblings, Stafanny and Carlos.

She spent her initial few years in the place where she was born, and after she was eight years of age, she moved to Mazatlan and stayed there for a while.

Her interest in social media ignited pretty early in her life. She was only fourteen years of age when she created her Twitter account. Though she didn’t earn the fame from Twitter, it was only after six years when she turned 19 and created a YouTube channel.

Internet Fame & Worldwide Success

And that was the turning point of her life. Within few weeks of YouTube she gained 100 thousand followers which is astounding. She continued working on her channel and eventually over years she gained 1 Million subscribers.

He biggest breakthrough came in 2018 when she gained 10 Million subscribers on YouTube. And as you already know 10 Million in an insane number. Comparing to the country she belongs to, i.e., Mexico, the country, as of today, has 129 Million people. Hence, her YouTube channel has close to 10% of Mexico’s population.

Moving forward to the next section:

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth is $10-12 Million.

Her total Net Worth is on a constant uptrend and will only rise with time. Hence, I’m guessing that within few years, her total Net Worth will surpass $15 Million.

What’s your thought on this?

Kimberly’s Private Life. Is She Married?

Yes, Kimberly is married to Juan De Dios Pantoja Nuñez. The couple got married in 2020. What’s interesting is that these two have been a couple for more than a decade. The two began their relationship back in 2012.

In these ten years, their relationship have gone through various stages. They got separated, and again came together. Her present husband had serious controversy of cheating on her, but Kimberly forgave him and the two finally got married in 2020.

Both of them are also blessed with two children. The first one was born in 2019 and they welcomed their second kid in 2021.

Fans can only hope that they don’t split and continue their life together…

Conclusion & FAQ

So, in conclusion, Kimberly is an established internet personality and was born to become one. When I was 14 years of age, I didn’t have any idea what to do with my life. LOL

How Much Is Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth?

Kimberly Loaiza Net Worth is $10-12 Million.

How Much Is Kimberly Loaiza Yearly Income?

Kimberly Loaiza Yearly Income is $3-$5 Million.

Is Kimberly Loaiza Dating?

Kimberly is married to Juan De Dios Pantoja Nuñez since 2020.

What Is Kimberly Loaiza Zodiac Sign?

Kimberly Loaiza Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius.

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