James Charles Net Worth

James Charles Net Worth. How Rich Is The Controversial Makeup YouTuber?

If you search anything for makeup you’re sure to stumble upon James Charles and his makeup videos. He is arguably the most famous makeup YouTuber who is not only talented but also dipped in controversies.

But, how rich is James is Charles? That’s what we’ll learn in this post…

Early Life & Growth

James Charles Dickinson was born on 23rd May, 1999 in New York. Not much is known about his parents, only that his dad’s name is Ski who is a contractor, and him mom who is probably a homemaker.

James also has a younger brother, Ian Jeffrey, who is a model.

He completed his initial education in 2017 from Bethlehem Central High School. By then he was already interested in helping friends with makeup for school dance.

Finally he knew that makeup is the thing he loves the most and here we are…Only after five years of graduating from school, James has become famous for his talent.

Career & Controversies

Charles started posting makeup videos on YouTube in 2015, and soon only a year after one of his video went viral. His channel growth was so quick that Todd Spangler called him “YouTube’s most famous beauty vlogger.”

Within four years of starting his beauty channel James attracted enough attention that even YouTube’s front page started promoting him. He really became the most famous beauty YouTuber.

Moving forward, not everything in his life went good! Things started to get a little messy after his peak fame in 2019.

It’s not uncommon for social media personalities to fall into the “controversy” trap. And James Charles is one of them!

His feud with Tati Westbrook gathers enough attention that even the bid media outlets began covering the issue. Their feud continue till 2020 after which everything was sorted out!

But wait, this wasn’t enough. In February, 2021 a 16-year old boy named Isaiyah accused James of forcing him to sext with him. According to him, James also sent my nude photos…

This incident ignited wide backlash of community and his channel lost millions of subscribers. Social Blade clearly shows how brutal his channel got hit after the Isaiyah incident. Before the incident James’ channel was averaging at least 150 Million views every month, but now it’s just close to 15 Million.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in future, but his ardent “sisters” still follow him to this date.

James Charles Net Worth

James Charles Net Worth is $15-20 Million.

James earned most of his fortune from YouTube and makeup videos. And how can I not mention all the brand deals he gets.

I guess he would be earning even more if he didn’t fall into any controversy. What do you say?

Private Life & Relationship

As you might already know James is gay and has been pretty vocal about it. In an interview he revealed that he loves makeup and that’s what he focuses on most of the time…

Thanks to his high net worth, James Charles bought a LA mansion for $7 Million in 2020. While many fans speculate that James will make his new LA mansion his home, many also claim that it’s just an investment…


How Much Is James Charles Net Worth?

James Charles Net Worth id $15-20 Million.

Who Is James Charles Dating?

James is not dating anyone. He is single.

How Much Is James Charles Yearly Salary?

James Charles Yearly Income is $5-7 Million.

What Is James Charles Zodiac Sign?

James Charles Zodiac Sign is Gemini.

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