Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth: Yearly Income, Personal Life, Upcoming Album

If you use TikTok, you must have heard the song Island Boys? Yeah, today we are going to discuss about the guys behind the song and their Net Worth.

It is not the name of the duo but the name of the song. Both of them have their own respective name: Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd. And since their name is pretty hard to pronounce, most fans prefer to recognize them by their hit song Island Boys.

With this, let’s look into the duo’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Income and more…

Island Boys Early Life

As I briefly mentioned, the brother duo came into limelight after they began releasing songs in 2020. Hence, very little information is available about them!

Kodiyakredd’s real name if Franky Venegas, and the other one Flyysoulja’s real name is Alex Venegas. Before releasing the song, they tried to breakthrough into fame with songs like “Real Right,” “Smoke” and few others. And after making few songs, they finally made it big!

The above tweet shows how the duo have changed over time. The change is insanely drastic to be honest, and it’s hard to believe that these are the same guys!

Fans are also concerned about the sheer number of tattoo they have on their body, especially on their face. If you just visit their Instagram profile and see the comments, you’ll that there is at least one person who talks about it!

Island Boys Net Worth

Island Boys Net Worth is $2-5 Million.

If they continue to pursue their dreams then they might surpass even surpass $10 Million within few years! But, these are are also the target of people who call them “no talent.”

Well, it depends! “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Personal Life & What Are They Doing Now?

Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd both are in romantic relationship. Flyysoulja is is a relationship with Toxiicfaiiry and the couple reportedly also have a kid together.

On the other hand Kodiyakredd is in relationship with Montaisha aka itsmontiibabii. Unfortunately she has accused Kodiyakredd of assault. If this accusations are proven right, this might hamper his reputation.

Well, if we keep the relationship aspect aside and focus on their artistic adventures – The brother duo regularly posts short clips of songs and also the songs they are going to release in future…

How Did Island Boys Became Famous?

Their initial experiments with various songs didn’t make into the famous category. Yes, they were liked a bit, but not to the point of becoming worldwide famous.

And finally in the year 2021, they release the song for which they are known. I’m An Island Boy.

And that’s how they became famous within a short period of time…

Conclusion & FAQ

In conclusion, it’s hard to say how long will these duo stay as rappers/singers. As of now they are getting mixed reaction from people.

Some are saying “These dudes don’t have any talent.” On the other hand, some are pretty adamant and say “they need time.” Well, only the future knows how far they will reach and whether they’ll perish after releasing only one song…

What’s your view on this? Do let me know…

How Much Is Island Boys Net Worth?

Island Boys Net Worth is $2-5 Million.

How Much Is Island Boys Yearly Income?

Island Boys yearly income is $50K-$100K.

Are Island Boys Broke?

Rumors say that Yes, Island Boys are almost completely broke.

Did Island Boys Split?

No, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja of Island Boys haven’t split.

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