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iJustine Net Worth: Boyfriend, Reviews, Personal Life..

If you’re one of them who watches an iPhone review as soon as the newest version launches, there’s a high chance you’ve stumbled upon the channel iJustine. She is not only one of the most famous reviewers of Apple products, but also one of the earliest tech YouTube channel.

Hence, in this post we’ll talk about iJustine Net Worth, Boyfriend, Personal Life and more…

Early Life

Justine Ezarik was born on 20th March, 1984 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. Her parents’ name are Steve Ezarik and Michelle Ezarik. Both of her parents were professionals at their work. Her mom Michelle was a physical education teacher and dad was a coal miner. In short, they didn’t have a life of opulence.

Talking about siblings, the internet personality has two sisters Jenna who is also a YouTuber and Breanne.

But what inspired Justine to create YouTube channel? Let’s know in the next section…

Professional Life & Success

She completed her final education from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2004 and soon received several jobs in graphic design…Those were the times when she didn’t yet start her own business and was working for someone else…

The time came when she finally created the YouTube account. The year was 2006, but back then there was no iPhone, only other apple products. Her earliest videos were about just daily vlogs, etc. But things started to change in 2007 when the first iPhone was launched.

The 2007 was going to be the best year of her life. She uploaded the famous videos 300-page iPhone bill on YouTube and it became an instant hit, attracting immense views. Her channel started growing rapidly and this single video inspired her shift towards apple products reviews.

Time passed and every year when a new iPhone came out iJustine would trend on YouTube, and it was obvious! Unfortunately, as of writing this, inspite of having 7+ million subscribers on YouTube, hardly any of her videos surpass 100K videos, let alone 1 Million.

Moving on, the tech celeb also released her book title I, Justine in 2015 which received positive reviews from her fans and critics.

What’s more surprising? She also appeared on movies and still appears on television series. Interestingly the YouTuber is also the voice of Passion Fruit / Mandy for the channel The Annoying Orange.

Finally, I would say that even though her channel doesn’t receives the same views it used to get in the past, her impact in the tech world is still relevant.

Net Worth

iJustine Net Worth is $3-5 Million.

When compared to other tech YouTube channels Justine’s net worth is pretty low. But, let’s not forget that this is just a speculation and her actual net worth could be way more than the above. Especially when you see how many brands sponsor her videos. Who knows she might also have brick and mortar store that earns her a sizable income…

Personal Life

Unfortunately, very little is known about Justine’s personal life. If you visit her social media handle you’ll see that most of her posts are about the products she reviews. But there’s no sign of her talking about a man who she loves…

So, you can assume these two things. Either she is actually single and doesn’t have anyone in her life, or she is great at keeping secrets and has been hiding her new relationship from the public…


How Much Is iJustine Net Worth?

iJustine has total net worth of $3-5 Million.

How Much Does iJustine Make?

Justine makes $500K-$750K every year from YouTube, sponsorships and other business ventures.

Who Is iJustine Dating?

Justine has been relationship for quite few men in the past. But, as of today she is single. But her fans claim that she is in relationship but does not want to reveal it to her fans.

What Is iJustine Zodiac Sign?

iJustine zodiac sign is Pisces.

Image Source: Instagram

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