FouseyTube Net Worth

FouseyTube Net Worth: Controversy, YouTube Retirement, Boxing Failure…

Pranks were once among the most watched videos on YouTube. FouseyTube is one of those creators who earned fame for his unique and genuinely funny pranks on innocent people. But what happened to this prankster? In this post we’ll learn about the rise and fall of one of the most famous YouTuber…

You’ll learn about FouseyTube Net Worth, Girlfriend, Rise & Fall, What’s he doing now, and more…

Early Life & Internet Fame

Yousef Saleh Erakat was born on 22nd January, 1990 in Fremont, California to Palestinian parents who immigrated to the U.S. Yousef also has three siblings Mohammad, Ahmad and Noura Erakat. While nothing much is known about Mohammad and Ahmad, the sister Noura is a legal scholar…

After graduating from high school Yousef attended San Jose State University and majored in theatre arts in 2013. After graduation he decided to move to LA to pursue a better career in acting.

He was on Internet even before moving to Los Angeles, but not famous enough to earn money. Initially his videos were about fitness where he used to talk about workout routine and also giving review, etc.

But as I briefly said, those were the days when pranks were the highest thing on YouTube. Every new creator back then tried to make pranks and release them on the platform… Of course those videos got insane views as well because of the nature of it.

Yousef shifted from fitness to uploading pranks on either unknown people or on his friends. He quickly rose to fame because of how real those pranks were…

But this part didn’t last long. YouTube started cracking down on the so-called prank videos and FouseyTube channel also got caught in the storm. Suddenly his channel started receiving lesser views by day. In fact there were times when his pranks didn’t even receive 1 Million views.

Yes, he also uploaded different kinds of videos too, but pranks were still his main focus.

Years passed and people pretty much forgot FouseyTube. But an incident happened in 2018 when he came into limelight. He was in severe depression and felt as if life was going down the drain.

But this was just the beginning! Things worsened and stopped uploading anything on his main channel…. He returned again in 2021 and announced that he was trying to make a career in Boxing. Unfortunately, he failed miserably that he vowed to never fight again…

Well, that’s the tumultuous life of Yousef Saleh Erakat, aka FouseyTube…

FouseyTube Net Worth

FouseyTube Net Worth is $5-10 Million.

FouseyTube earned almost entirely from YouTube. He also released a book that became a bestseller. Unfortunately, after the beginning years of YouTube the prankster hasn’t completely come out of depression.

Though it’s known, but his fans speculate that he also has other businesses to support him financially.

Personal Life

It’s a heart-wrenching experience to write about Yousef’s personal life and fall from YouTube. If I’m not wrong, he is one of the very few YouTuber with 10+ Million subscribers whose career died in such cruel way.

I still remember the 2012-2014 era when almost each of his videos used to trend on YouTube. Those were the day when prank were the most watched thing on the internet. After his peak in 2015-2016 his channel started receiving less views. Finally the day came when not even a single of his videos surpassed 1 Million views mark.

Yousef fell into depression but he seldom let it out, but one incident in 2018 made it clear to everyone that the content creator was suffering from severe mental depression. Almost every decision he took ended up in disaster.

In the end, he completely stopped uploading any content on his main channel FouseyTube and disappeared from the internet after 2020. He returned again in 2021 with a new view on life and tried boxing as a career. He failed miserably twice and promised to never fight again…

In short, YouTube can surely give fame and money easily and quickly, but can also take it back like it did with FouseyTube…

In Conclusion

Real NameYousef Saleh Erakat 
Birth Date22nd January, 1990
BirthplaceFremont, California, U.S
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$5-10 Million
Yearly Income$500K-$1 Million
Income SourceYouTube Ads, Businesses, Sponsorships
Zodiac SignAquarius
Family InfoMom: Name Unknown
Dad: Name Unknown
Brother: Mohammad
Brother: Ahmad
Sister: Noura

Image Source: Instagram

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