DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth: Personal Life, Career, Yearly Income

DJ Citizen Jane is gathering quite a number of eyeballs lately thanks for her unique and powerful DJ music. It’s pretty rare to see detective entering the music industry, that too as a DJ.

So, in this post we will learn about Citizen Jane’s Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend, and more…

Early Life

Since Citizen Jane has never talked about her age, the calculations are all over the place! But, if we go with various sources, her age is between 43-46.

Also, she began her career with DJ Citizen Jane, so here too she never revealed her real name. But, some people in community forum claim that her real name was Madeline Fernandez.

And since she officially replaced her past name (Madeline Fernandez) to Citizen Jane, we might anyway never get to know…

Education-wise I think she was a good student. Or else how could she become a detective?

Professional Life & DJ

What makes DJ Citizen Jane unique than other musical artist is that she didn’t begin her professional life as a DJ. But it was her dream to become one if she ever got a chance…

For whatever reasons, Citizen Jane shifted her focus from being a DJ to becoming a detective…

She gave 10 years of her life as a detective. And then one day something hit her! She finally decided to pursue her dream and try her luck as a DJ. It worked. In fact it worked great for her, as she went on to become quite famous within a very short point of time…

As of now, she has a steady stream of fans who wait eagerly for her projects…

This is exactly what happens if passion is mixed with hard work. Being a detective for a decade trained her to observe things more carefully. Having that experience really helped her in kickstarting her career in the music industry.

She started with a folk-rock band, and after having a little more fluency, Citizen Jane moved on the a Spanish rock band….

Finally she moved on the become a DJ…And here she is today!

Personal Life & Relationship

Not much is not about Jane’s personal life unfortunately! But she has accepted her interest in girls. She is also one of the more known LGBT DJ out there making it big…

Rumors suggest that DJ Citizen Jane is in relationship with Karen Larrea.

Talking about her Social Media presence, DJ Citizen Jane is pretty active on Instagram and also does paid sponsorships. She also actively uses her Instagram account to promote her upcoming live performance.

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth

DJ Citizen Jane has Net Worth of $2-5 Million.

We don’t know how much she earned from her detective career. It would be safe to say that her Net Worth exploded after she became a singer & musician.

If that wasn’t enough, becoming viral just pushed her popularity into a completely different level!


What Is DJ Citizen Jane’s Zodiac Sign?

Dj Citizen Jane’s Zodiac Sign is Libra.

Is DJ Citizen Jane Vegan?

No, Citizen Jane is not Vegan.

Is DJ Citizen Jane In A Relationship?

DJ Citizen Jane’s girlfriend name is Karen Larrea.

Image Source: Instagram

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