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CEOs are known for their radical decision making ability. A CEO can single-handedly either turn a loss-making company profitable or in some cases the opposite. Bob Iger is one such CEO.

Bob Iger became Disney CEO in 2005 and stayed the same for more than 15 years. He is famously known for taking big decisions that made the company fabulous sums of money!

In this post I’ll talk about Bob Iger Net Worth, his Disney Salary, Present Life, Personal Life & more…

Early Life & Education Growth

Born on 10th February 1951 in New York City to a Jewish family, Bob was the oldest son of Mimi & Arthur L. Iger. Bob’s dad Arthur was a WWII veteran and served as executive vice president & general manager of a marketing company.

In short Bob grew up in a professional environment & you can say “taking risks & crucial decision was in his blood.”

Talking about his education, Bob went to Fulton Avenue School & later graduated from Oceanside High School in 1969. Next in 1973 he graduated a magna cum laude from Ray H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College with BSc. (Bachelor of Science) degree in Television & Radio….

You can already see how his interest was already shifting towards entertainment & arts…

Professional Life & Disney

His professional career started even before completing his final education. His career began in 1972 in the media. He was the host of Campus Probe which was his college’s television show.

At one point in his professional life he also dreamed of becoming a news anchor before shifting his career interest…Guess he took the right decision.

He joined ABC (American Broadcasting Company) in 1974 where his job was as a labor on television sets.

But Bob was a hardworking person! The boy who once worked as a menial labor worked hard and eventually became the head of ABC Entertainment in 1989. Later he also served as president of ABC Network Television Group from 1993 to 1994…Finally after working for 2 decades for the company, he became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company’s corporate parent, Capital Cities/ABC…

His life took an even better turn after Disney purchased Capital Cities/ABC in 1995. Iger never left the company even after the acquisition & after few years of working (4 years), in 1999 Iger was appointed the president of Walt Disney International.

Immediately after just 1 year of being the president, Iger became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Disney at stayed for another 5 years…

In 2005 Bob Iger replaced Michael Eisner to become Disney CEO…

He stayed in the position for more than 15 years and took some crucial decisions to expand Disney to what it is today! Some of his decisions include acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, Star Wars, etc…

Personal Life

Iger has married twice in his life. His first marriage was with Kathleen Susan, which unfortunately ended in divorce. The couple also had two daughters. Next, in 1995, he married Willow Bay and the couple has been together ever since…

They are also blessed with two children.

As a person, Bob is a humble person & supposedly he has never been mean to anyone…

Bob was not just a fantastic CEO, but he has also shared his experience in his book: The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.”

Bob Iger Net Worth

Bob Iger latest Net Worth is between $650-700 Million.

Bob Iger Disney Salary

As Disney CEO, Bob Iger had a Salary of $50 Million.


How Much Salary Did Bob Iger Earn As Disney CEO?

Bob Iger’s Salary as Disney CEO was $50 Million.

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