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Bo Jackson Latest Net Worth: How He Earn His Fortune?

How much is Bo Jackson’s latest Net Worth? What are his sources of income today?

Bo Jackson is an American athlete well known for his contribution to sports like Baseball and American Football (NFL). He’s also the only professional sportsperson in history to get All-Star in both Baseball and NFL.

Well, enough talk! Let’s look into Bo Jackson’s Personal Life, Career, Net Worth and more…

Early Life

Bo Jackson was born on 30th November, 1962 in Bessemer. I couldn’t find his parents’ name, but his had many siblings. He was the eighth of the ten children. A big family indeed.

He went to school in McCalla and earned the school’s baseball team. He was also declared state champion twice. Other than Baseball, Jackson was also a great high-jumper.

He set school record for indoor high jump and triple jump…and it’s said that the record still hasn’t been broken…

His constantly great performance as a sportsperson landed him to what would become his professional career.

Now, let’s move on to Career section!


I will not extend this section too much because his successes are too much. I honestly got confused just reading about them and I don’t want to same for you too!

He first entered as a professional Baseball player in 1982. Then he was still a college student. He was selected by the New York Yankees. But, for some reason he chose Auburn University on a foot ball scholarship.

He was just a college student and yet his performance was as good as a regular professional player. That too both in Baseball and Football. His college days lasted from 1982-1986.

After playing for four years as a college student he was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1986, but he refused. The reason was because he thought the Buccaneers deliberately stopped him to obtain NCAA approval so that he could not play Baseball and only Football.

He then joined Baseball with the Kansas City Royals. Shortly signed a 3-year contract with the Kansas City Royals for $1 Million.

Moving forwards, Jackson became more intense in 1989 when he chosen to begin the American League All-Star team and was named the game’s MVP.

Unlike his Baseball career, his Football career faced a bit jumpy roads. He had a long beef with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He went as far to vow to never play with them.

He went as far to turn down a $7.6 Million offer from them to accept only $1.07 Million from the Kansas City Royals.

Though a jumpy start, Jackson excelled in Football as well… His career took a bit of downturn when he had hip injury in 1991. He fractured his hip bones…

His career ended after he was found to have Avascular Necrosis of the hip joint. He was forced to retire as his hip would not tolerate such pressure!

Personal Life

Bo married his wife Linda and they have three children together. He keeps his personal life separate from his professional life hence we know very little about them…

Moving forward, after his retirement, he gave many interviews and revealed that for his life he has always been problems with stuttering. He had problems with the letter, “I.” Hence, for that reason he always referred himself as a third-person.

In 2017 he revealed that before entering his sports career he never knew the health-risks associated with the game. Had he known that before, he would never went into it. He also said that he’ll never allow his kids to play the same game…

Jackson made into the news when in 1995 he earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development. When asked he said that he fulfilled his mom’s promise…

Bo Jackson Net Worth

Bo Jackson has Net Worth $25-30 Million.

These are the latest estimate. I have kept a range because being a popular sports personality his Net Worth may jump many folds in the future…

How Bo Earned His Wealth?

It’s very common for Sports players to have multiple sources of income. Primary of all is income from Brand Endorsements. In Bo’s case too he not only earned money as a Baseball and NFL player, his income also increased as an actor.

Yes, after career at Sports, his explored acting opportunities and made some guest-appearances. But, that didn’t last very long and he diverted to another sources of income…


How Much Is Bo Jackson Net Worth?

Bo Jackson Net Worth is $20-25 Million.

Who Is Bo Jackson Wife?

Bo Jackson is married to Linda and has three children.

What Does Bo Jackson Do For Living?

Bo Jackson was a Baseball and American Football player and now he makes a living from various profitable businesses.

What Is Bo Jackson Zodiac Sign?

Bo Jackson is Sagittarius.

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