Bella Poarch Net Worth

Bella Poarch Net Worth: Tik Tok Star Exact Fortune, Personal Life, Boyfriend…

Today I’ll talk about Bella Poarch and her Net Worth. How rich is the TikTok personality really? Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American internet celebrity and a U.S. Navy veteran. She made it big with her lip-syncing videos singing.

Hence, today we are going to discuss about Bella’s Real Net Worth, Yearly Income, Boyfriend, and more.

Bella Poarch Early Life

Bella was born on 9th February, 1997 in Philippines. She, unfortunately, had to face not only verbal but physical abuse from her early childhood. She was initially raised by her grandmother until she was three years of age.

And after that she transferred to her adoptive parents. Her dad, an American, was in the US Army, on the other hand, her Mom is a Filipino.

As I mentioned before, she and her adoptive brother were abused to no limits when they were kid, until they got in the military.

Her dad later had to go through bypass surgery. That incident decreased all the verbal abuse, but, it didn’t completely end…

She was in the U.S. Navy for four years, and those four years gave her the necessary encouragement she needed. She never knew that her life was going to change after leaving the Navy.

She served in the U.S. Navy for four years (2015-2019) and then she created her account in 2020.

TikTok & Worldwide Fame

Bella started posting on TikTok in 2020 and eventually started gaining quite a number of followers. But her career breakthrough came when she posted a lip-sync video that went insanely viral.

And that was it. That single video was more than enough to gained millions of followers within a very short period of time.

She didn’t waste the chance and quickly launched a YouTube channel and Twitter to further enhance her presence all over the internet.

Within a year of internet fame, Bella also released a limited clothing line RIPNDIP x Paca Collaboration in 2020. Since most of her early videos on TikTok were about gaming, two large and famous Esports organizations – 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan showed interest in her content.

Her career peaked when in 2021 she signed a record deal with Warner Records, and in the same month released her first single Build a Bitch. The videos was received pretty well by her fans and critics alike and was a great hit.

As of today, the song has close to 400+ Million views on YouTuber which is Huge. Her next single Inferno was released the same year in 2021 which was also quite well received.

Bella Poarch Net Worth

Bella Poarch Net Worth is $2-3 Million.

Maybe it might seem a bit less compared to other internet celebs, but she is quickly climbing the ladder of wealth and success. And I’m sure she surpass $10 Million within few years.

Her fans love her and so does brands. And when these two love someone, the person’s life changes in an instant!

Let’s Look Into Bella Poarch’s Private Life

Bella is not that vocal about her relationship. If you follow her regularly, you’ll find that she’s the only one who is in the videos. It became more clear in 2021 when she revealed that she has been single for over a year.

Well, that doesn’t mean she never had a boyfriend. She has experience with two boyfriend before, one of them was in the Navy. Unfortunately they had to breakup because she was leaving the Navy…

She talked about her interest in a podcast that though she has many guys in her DMs, she would like to meet someone in person.

Bella is pretty vocal about racism against Asians. She also uploaded a TikTok video in 2021 in an attempt to spread the message. She has faced racism after moving from Philippines to the US, even being randomly attacked and assaulted for no reason.

In conclusion she is presently single and looking for a guy she can trust. Which must be a good news for dudes?

How Much Does Bella Poarch Make?

Poarch is a rising star and hence she doesn’t have any fixed income/salary. But, the good thing is that her yearly income is rising by each year.

Bella Poarch reportedly earned $5-$10 Million in 2022.

We should not forget that it has been only a couple of years she started releasing videos on TikTok. And the above is just an estimate, her real income can be higher than this…

Conclusion & FAQ

TikTok has really changed lives of people after it got launched few years ago. It has been a boon for people, especially young ones. And among many is Bella Poarch who made it quite good in the platform.

TikTok is following the same trend as Vine did few years ago. With Vine too many new talents emerged and resulted in many millionaire. Some of them also made it to the Hollywood.

In conclusion, I can say that this is the just the beginning. Every few years we will see some new talent pop up here and there either from TikTok or some new viral app.

How Rich Is Bella Poarch?

Bella Poarch has estimated Net Worth of $2-3 Million.

How Much Does Bella Poarch Make?

Bella Poarch income is rising every year. Last year she made $5-$10 Million from various sponsors and brand collaborations.

Is Bella Poarch Single?

Bella Poarch is Single, but rumors say she is dating Tyga.

What Is Bella Poarch’s Zodiac Sign?

Bella Poarch’s Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.

Is Bella Poarch Vegan?

No, Bella Poarch is not Vegan.

Was Bella Poarch Abused?

Yes, Bella Poarch was verbally abused by her step-dad.

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