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Bailey Sarian Net Worth: Boyfriend, Breakup, Income…

I don’t watch any makeup videos on YouTube, but I’m an avid listener of murder-mystery stories. But have you even heard about someone who does makeup while also talking about murder-mystery?

Yeah, I’m talking about Bailey Sarian. She is one of the most unique channel I’ve come across YouTube and she does deserve the recognition…Well, you sure have at least some idea about her, but do you know Sarian’s Net Worth, Boyfriend, Breakup? let’s find out then…

Early Life

Bailey Sarian was born on 26th November, 1988 in Los Angeles, U.S. She has never talked about her parents, but some reports say that they immigrated to U.S many years ago. ..

What’s interesting to know is that makeup was not her main interest as a kid. She was more into murder-mystery stories. But how did she get interested in such dark stuff? Turns out, her mom was a 911 operator and sometimes she took Bailey with her at job.

Staying at such environment eventually peaked her interest in finding mysteries…Later when she grew up, her interest also peaked for makeup. And that’s how eventually she got the idea to make her contents a mix of makeup and murder-mystery stories…

Professional Life & Fame

Bailey has become quite successful and famous, but we should also not forget her past. She has been working in the makeup and skincare industry for more than a decade.

Before creating a YouTube channel and explore makeup on her own, she worked for various cosmetics company like Sephora and Urban Decay.

But something clicked in her that inspired her to create her own YouTube channel. She took the inspiration and here we are today. Sarian launched her YouTube career way back in 2013.

But she did not taste much success for about six years. Then in 2019 she made a video mixing makeup with murder-mystery story, and finally the YouTube algorithm blew up her channel.

On top of that, the 2020 worldwide event pushed her channel to newer heights. and you probably know what happens when you become insanely famous once. Unless you mess up pretty big, your fame just keeps rising…And that’s, fortunately, the case with Bailey as well…

Bailey Sarian Net Worth

Bailey Sarian Net Worth is $5-10 Million.

Don’t tell me that you’re surprised to learn that the YouTuber is so rich! Her channel is not only old, but also the quality of her videos are pretty great. Also, the idea to mix the makeup and mystery-storytelling genre into one video is pretty unique.

She not only earns some decent money from YouTube ads, but also from sponsorships, merch sales and more…In fact we still don’t know that extent of her income and all the sources attached to them.

Personal Life

Bailey was in relationship with Fernando Valdez for quite a time, but for some reason they decided to go separate ways.

It’s been more than a year and the couple haven’t come together after that! Which signifies that they are probably not coming together…

Moving forward… After breakup with her fiancé Sarian hasn’t yet decided to date anyone. Hence, as of writing this she is single and also not dating anyone. But, one good think is that she is still continuing to make videos, that too high quality ones…


How Much Is Bailey Sarian Net Worth?

Bailey Sarian has total Net Worth of $5-10 Million.

How Much Does Bailey Sarian Make?

Bailey Sarian makes $350K-$500K every year from YouTube, sponsorships and more…

Did Bailey Sarian Fernando Valdez Come Back Together?

Sarian Fernando and Fernando Valdez announced their separation and they haven’t come together after that.

What Is Bailey Sarian Zodiac Sign?

Bailey Sarian Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius.

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