Baby Ariel Net Worth

Baby Ariel Net Worth. TikTok Success, Boyfriend, Personal Life

Ariel Rebecca Martin famously known as Baby Ariel is an insanely famous TikTok star who is well known for her videos and songs. She is one of the early users of TikTok when the platform was called

Now, the question is about Baby Ariel Net Worth, Boyfriend, Private Life, and more…

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Early Life & Growth

Baby Ariel was born on 22nd November, 2000 in Pembroke Pines, Florida. While she is a born American, her mom Sharon Kremen Martin and dad Jose Martin are Cuban-Israeli and Panamanian respectively.

Baby also has a younger brother named Jacob Martin who is also a TikToker. Though his popularity is not in the same level as his elder sister…

Talking about her education, she attended Pine View School, and after graduating, she enrolled in University of Florida.

But, as you already know her fate was hinting at a completely different direction. The direction that would be best fit for her… Who knew that just downloading an app while being bored would completely change her life!

Fame & Success

Baby Ariel is the classical example of what happens when luck and talent combines. She was insanely lucky to find (now TikTok) back when the service was in its infancy.

But, she was intelligently used the platform to promote her singing, etc. And as I said before, miracles happen when luck and talent is combined…That’s exactly what happened with Ariel as well!

Today she has close to 40 Million followers on TikTok and 12 Million on Instagram. She uses YouTube to promote her songs, and also her life…

Frankly speaking, for her young age Baby is pretty matured. She has managed her fame way better than a typical Hollywood celebrity.

But, what’s her Net Worth really???

Baby Ariel Net Worth

Baby Ariel Net Worth is $5-10 Million.

Baby is a famous face and surprisingly has been a social media star for quite a long time now. She started in 2015 when she was only 15 years of age. You guessed it right, she gathered all of her fame from TikTok…

Other than just being a regular social media personality, she earns most of her income from her songs, and brand endorsements.

Private Life & Boyfriend

It’s pretty common with social media celebs to have experience with past relationships. And Baby Ariel has the same experience too!

Ariel had a long-distance relationship with Zach Clayton in 2016, but the couple split only after few months. They provided that their hectic schedule was one of the major reason, and also how they felt as if their relation was not good enough and rushed.

Baby moved on with life and fell in love with Blake Gray. But, this time too their relationship didn’t last long, and they split in 2017.

Though this is a rumor but fans speculated that Daniel Skye and Ariel were in relationship following a collaboration music video. Till today nothing more has been revealed about what happened with them!

As of writing this, Baby Ariel is not single and is in relationship with Milo Murphy. The couple has been together since 2020 and are going strong. Let’s hope that this time things work out for them!


What Is Baby Ariel Net Worth?

Baby Ariel has Net Worth of $5-10 Million.

Who Is Baby Ariel Boyfriend?

Baby Ariel is dating Milo Murphy.

How Much Is Baby Ariel Yearly Income?

Baby Ariel yearly income is $250K-500K.

What Is Baby Ariel Zodiac Sign?

Baby Ariel Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius.

Did Baby Ariel And Milo Murphy Breakup?

Baby Ariel and Milo Murphy are continuing their relationship and haven’t broken up.

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