Adam Waheed Net Worth

Adam Waheed Net Worth: Girlfriend, Insane Fortune, Pranks…

There was a time when a major portion of YouTube consisted of prank videos, and honestly that really worked form a majority of them. Adam Waheed is one of them. He started as a prankster when the so-called “prank wave” was at full force on YouTube.

Hence, in this post we’ll know a little bit more about Adam Waheed Net Worth, Girlfriend, Personal Life and more…

Early Life

Adam was born on 29th October, 1992 in U.S. Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about the content creator, only that he gained popularity with his prank videos and skits with other creators like Anwar Jiwabi…

But, after doing some more digging I found out that his dad’s name is Wahedullah Waheed, but nothing is known about his mom. Talking about siblings…Adam has three sisters Gabriella Waheed, Sabrina Waheed and Galaxy Waheed.

Please don’t ask me whether Galaxy is her real name because it’s becoming more and more common these days to have such names…

Waheed attended Commack High School and after getting his initial education he eventually saw the earning potential as a content creator…Hence, he started his YouTube channel and started uploading videos…And here he is today with millions of followers and so much money that he can almost do anything with it.

Internet Fame & Success

I remember the time when Vine was quickly rising in popularity for it’s simple and easy-to-use platform. Those were the times with King Bach, Anwar Jibawi, Gabby and more were one of the most popular content creator out there…

When he started, Waheed wasn’t that famous, but thanks to his unique and funny Vine videos, he quickly became famous and earned billions of views and millions of followers.

In fact after some time he also started to appear in Jibawi’s videos and the two made many Vine together.

But unfortunately Vine stopped its operation and most of them switched to YouTube and other platforms… After that he started uploading videos on not only YouTube but also on Instagram…

As of now, Adam is more active on TikTok than on YouTube. Briefly talking about his social media following. He has 5+ Million followers on Instagram, 4+ Million on Facebook. But, since he is not that active on Twitter he has 10+K followers there…

Yet, I would say that the content creator is quite famous for the number of years he has been creating content…

Adam Waheed Net Worth

Adam Waheed net worth is $25-30 Million.

Can you guess how long did Adam take to earn this astonishing wealth? Well, within 10 years! He created his YouTube channel in 2015 and has been releasing pranks and skits with other famous content creators.

As of writing this his YouTube channel averages 500+ million views every month…So you do the math, he is easily earning six-figures every month…

On top of all that he might also have other businesses to keep his high-spending lifestyle intact…

Personal Life & Girlfriend

While most of the time internet personalities are not good at hiding their personal lives. Especially when they are as insanely popular…But, somehow Waheed has kept his life secret from his fans.

Of course there are countless rumors about his girlfriend but no info is concrete…Hence we can assume that either dude is single or has a girlfriend that we don’t know about..

What do you think? Is Adam single or has a girlfriend?


How Wealthy Is Adam Waheed?

Adam Waheed has total net worth of $25-30 Million.

How Much Does Adam Waheed Make?

Adam Waheed makes $2-5 Million every year from various sources. Social media being his primary source of income.

What Is Adam Waheed Zodiac Sign?

Adam Waheed zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Image Source: Instagram

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